Remember Me
Be still my soul…be still.

And there it is. A picture-perfect view of…peace. Right?

I wish. I wish I could instantly acquire peace by just looking at any random depiction of nature at its finest. The sight of a beautiful remote island, the steady rhythm of a waterfall, the song a bluejay…or perhaps even just the smell of rain..while I’m sitting on a porch on a quiet afternoon. All those things seem quite stress-free to me. But…after the moment passes, my heart becomes heavy again. I know that I’ll need more than just a temporary peace…more than just a “quick-fix” to my persistent worries and anxieties.

I need the kind of peace that will strip me away from my comfort zone. As oxymoron-ic as that sounds (if that’s even a word), that’s JUST what I need. I need the kind of peace that blindly trusts that the Maker of Heaven and earth can handle my worst fears…can make my worries fade away. I know this Peace is out there because I have felt it before. God is Love, God is my Provider, God is my Reedemer, God is my Protector…and God is also my Shalom. Complete and utterly perfect…PEACE.

I have to constantly fight my flesh; not only to resist temptation, but also to resist all sprits of discouragement, worry and uncertainty. I know my God is greater…my God is STRONGER. His Power is perfected in my weaknes.

 Lord bring me peace. Steady my heart and and quiet my soul. Be still my soul…be still.

Small Packages

This photo makes the bottle look rather large, but after you notice my hand you can see that it is actually almost tiny. I’m sure by now you’ve heard the saying “Great things come in small packages”, and to say the least, I think that’s spot-on! I mean, there isn’t a picture of myself here but soon you will see how short I am haha!!! :-P Just kidding.

But on a serious point. I was pondering on how expensive this perfume was. The thought started off as more of a regret of paying so much for Chanel right now, when I should be saving for some major investments I have coming up. A girl’s gotta smell good though! so the regret vanished after about 30 seconds. Then it sort of turned into a reflective time while in solitude here in my office.  

I’ll go straight to the one thing that made me remember how blessed I am. God uses small things to create great miracles. God turns a small providence into a huge blessing of prosperity. God uses small vessels of clay such as you and I to carry out His love throughout the world! There have been times when I feel so small and insignificant, times when I ask if I’ll ever make an impact or a big difference in the world. I wonder and doubt and get lost in the lie that the enemy of my soul always seeks to infuse in my heart. Then He, my God, reminds me who I am. The Maker of Heaven and earth whispers to my soul. He fills me up and reminds me of His love on the cross. I no longer care how small I am right now. Socially or physically. I am destined for greatnes..and one day my fragrant purpose will reach the world. As I write this, I wonder if anyone out there is feeling this exact same feeling and this exact same motivation. I hope so. I really really do.

 Don’t be discouraged of how impossible the situation seems right now…always fall back on The One being that has a solution for everything. The solution to problems isn’t the only thing He can provide…but a great strength and more love than you can imagine is what God can place inside of you and me. I want to be like this bottle of Chanel perfume. Simple, small (humble)…yet its value is on the inside…that portion, that only the ones who know what is truly good, will pay for. Only the ones that are aware of your great value will go the distance and stay. God did that for I know I’m worth it. And…so are you.